45 min.
Improves skin for natural beauty. This is the best investment in your face!

The massage starts from the neckline to start the lymph. After that, special attention is paid to the décolleté, shoulders and neck, where clamps are most often located to block the nutrition of facial tissues.

Then it is time to work on the face with a sculptural technique. The massage ends with the elements of lymphatic drainage of the face with a roller or gua sha.
Regular treatments are recommended to keep the results.
RESULTS: toned face oval, elimination of puffiness.
60 min.
For the strong in spirit and ready for impressions!

This is the most tangible and powerful study of the muscles and connective tissues of the face using sculptural massage.

A real face workout. It ends with intensive myostimulation with the Pure Lift Face Device* over a tissue mask with a lifting effect. Together, they strengthen the muscle to visibly lift, tone and tighten.

RESULTS: increased skin tone, clear facial contour, contoured angles, pronounced cheekbones
* There are contraindications, specialist advice is required.

60 min.
Just try the world famous massage!

The focus will be on the buccal massage technique, massaging your face from the inside out!

Great for TMJ problems, relieving muscle spasm and jaw tension, puffiness, reducing laughter lines and double chin. The procedure also includes working with the décolleté and neck areas.

To maintain the result, a course of 6-10 sessions is recommended.

60 min.
The author method is focused on correcting aging deformation of facial features.

Manual modeling of the face: work with muscles and their attachments, ligaments and subcutaneous adipose tissue.

RESULTS: the tension of muscles in hypertonicity is relieved, the condition of tissues, skin color improves, shapes are corrected, the face and neck are generally rejuvenated.
45 min.
Deep massage. The program involves a deep study of the muscles of the neck, shoulders and face.
Manual impact on the skin and facial muscles improves blood circulation and activates metabolic processes in skin cells.

RESULTS: pronounced effect of tightened and youthful skin
a charge of vivacity and getting rid of edema and fatigue.

50 мин.
A beard is not a hindrance to facial care!

The express program includes the study of the muscles of the middle third of the face and head, as well as hardware massage.
An effective solution to even out the oval of the face and get rid of traces of puffiness right here and now.
The combination of hardware and manual massage provides a visible lymphatic drainage and lifting effect.

RESULTS: energizing and getting rid of signs of fatigue, combined with a pronounced lifting effect.
10 min.
Head massage accelerates blood circulation. The brain is saturated with oxygen, the level of attentiveness increases.

Neck muscles relax, tension and headache go away.
75 min.
What about vitamin care?

Comprehensive care with serum and cream containing Vitamin C is one of the best anti-aging products.

Vitamin C reduces the severity of existing age spots, prevents melanin synthesis, evens out tone, stimulates collagen production, improves elasticity, rejuvenating the skin.

The program is ideal for both women and men.

Treatment combined with sculptural massage will make the skin fresher, toned and smooth. Better than your regular facial!
60 min.
Detox program to eliminate the effects of multitasking and stress - skin fatigue, dryness, oiliness, dehydration, imperfections and dull complexion.

Natural care with a pleasant herbal aroma for any type and condition of the skin.

The program improves cellular metabolism, strengthens local skin immunity and saturates tissues with oxygen.

The branded mask with a lifting effect and a manual facial massage with a gua sha comb relieve swelling, remove toxins and give the skin a soft glow.

A shoulder massage allows you to relax and get even more pleasure.
60 min.
Deep cleansing program using Meillume preparations.

This is the only clinical and dermatological system based on fundamentally new formulas, highly effective natural ingredients in high concentrations and their targeted effect on skin cells.

Pores Control has everything to make your skin reflect the light: pumpkin peeling, activated charcoal detox mask and ultrasound machine. First, we apply peeling to relax the skin cells. Then we clean the skin with a gel and powerful but safe ultrasonic waves. An anti-inflammatory pre-mask serum with probiotics for perfectly smooth skin texture and visibly reduced porosity.

20 minutes and ... you can look into your skin like in a mirror.
80 min.
Non-injection mesotherapy with the use of a beauty gun.

"Non-injection mesotherapy with the use of a beauty gun combines manual massage, cold therapy, and oxygen to rejuvenate your skin.

High-pressure carbon dioxide, combined with low temperatures, stimulates blood flow, triggers metabolism in the dermis, and facilitates the penetration of active rejuvenating ingredients.

A specialized serum is individually selected for your specific needs, such as lifting, acne, or pigmentation, but any serum will rejuvenate, nourish, and restore your skin's structure.

The procedure includes cleansing, enzymatic peeling, manual massage, and machine treatment.

Result: a two-week effect of well-nourished and tightened skin."

60 min.
Treatment that saturates the skin cells with oxygen for its renewal, even tone and reduction of sensitivity.

As a result - removal of edema, improvement of tissue nutrition, strengthening of the vascular wall, reduction of acne, elimination of pigmentation.

Practically no contraindications program focuses on deep cleansing, moisturizing, activation of metabolic processes, toning of lymphatic and venous vessels and tissue nutrition.

This is more of a journey than a regular skin treatment.
PEEL TIME 45min.
This is an innovative peeling program consisting of 5 sessions designed to address various skin aging and beauty concerns.

A customized cocktail of acids and active ingredients is selected individually for each client and each session. The program helps smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone, give it a radiant glow, and regulate sebum production.

The procedure is complemented by a soothing aloe mask in combination with a relaxing massage using ice globes.
LIFT PEEL 45min.
An all-season "publication treatment" with an instant, pronounced lifting effect and skin renewal.

The facial skin will become more hydrated, smooth, even and radiant. The treatment nourishes skin with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Does not require a rehabilitation process
Powerful brightening procedure. Eliminates pigmentation, age spots, and uneven skin tone.

Contains an active complex of 8 whitening agents. Result - radiant, even, healthy skin. Suitable for all seasons.
Peeling for all ages, does not require long-term rehabilitation, no redness and flaking.

Treatment prevents the appearance of inflammatory elements, helps to cope with post-inflammatory pigmentation, aligns the skin microrelief, has a brightening, pore-constricting effect, and normalizes sebum secretion.
It works on all causes of acne. It cleanses and tones deep layers of skin, due to this the face oval has a clearer contour, fine wrinkles are smoothed
Ultrasound Dr. Fresco Zeus (Japan)
15 min.
Ultrasonic cleaning is a safe and atraumatic skin cleansing with ultrasound. Narrows pores, has an anti-inflammatory effect on rashes and acne, does not cause redness.

Cleansing is carried out by an innovative Japanese apparatus. Which combines ultrasound and Led-therapy at the same time. The perfect complement to any treatment.
10 min.
Pure Lift are unique American microcurrents that work on the deepest muscles of your face.
EMC training causes the muscles of the face to actively contract, which allows, with regularity, to tighten the oval of the face and tone the skin.

The effect is visible after the first time.

It is also recommended if there is a tendency to edema or after a long party the day before.
Perfect addition to any massage set or treatment.
15 min.
Pairs perfectly with a facial massage.
With the help of tapes to fix this muscle position.
In this way, the massage works for several days after the procedure.
15 min.
Information coming soon
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