Detox Time

Detox Time

160.00 / 60min
Embark on an Ideal Detox Journey, Where Nature Meets Skincare Excellence: Our Program Prioritizes Cleansing, Skin Tone Balancing, Acne and Post-Acne Resolution, Vessel Fortification, Cellular Metabolism Enhancement, and Skin Immunity Boost, All Infused with the Pleasing Aroma of Herbal Goodness, Suitable for Every Skin Type and Condition.

Bask in the restorative embrace of natural herbs, reinvigorating your skin's microcirculation, unclogging pores, and priming it for the optimal absorption of the active ingredients in your skincare regimen. The Detox Time program acts as a respite from the challenges of multitasking and stress, combating skin fatigue, dryness, oiliness, dehydration, imperfections, and dull complexion, making it a must for atonic skin. What's more, it's a powerful preventative measure against premature aging and loss of elasticity. The results? Taut, toned, and rejuvenated skin, boasting a brighter, fresher, and irresistibly radiant complexion.

Our signature mask, endowed with a remarkable lifting effect, and a manual facial massage, featuring a gua sha comb, work in harmony to reduce swelling, dispel toxins, and grace your skin with a tender glow. And as you relax during the treatment, our shoulder massage offers an extra layer of pleasure.

Here's the magic – our herbal peeling bears no contraindications, rendering it suitable even for pregnant women and teenagers, rendering invaluable support in the fight against breakouts.
When booking a service, please inform us in advance about any additional procedures you would like to add from those presented. We will allocate the necessary extra time to your primary program
To maximize the benefits, it is ideal to pair this with additional procedures
Scalp massage
Hand massage
Blepharolift massage
Alginate mask
What’s included in the program
Gel cleansing
Herbal peeling
Acupressure facial massage
Enzyme peeling
Facial massage
Charcoal mask
Ice globe massage
Finish cream by skin type + SPF
Other facial treatments
If you have any questions, write to us and we will be happy to help you choose the right procedure for you

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