Our procedures are meticulously designed to rejuvenate and eradicate facial imperfections such as wrinkles, acne, blackheads, swelling, double chin, creases, nasolabial folds, and signs of fatigue, thereby enhancing and revitalizing your intrinsic beauty. Benefits include a vibrant skin glow, tightened facial contours, a defined oval, and relief from stress and tension


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Face massage

Face up
$85.00 / 45min
Immediate facial refreshment that boosts tone, alleviates puffiness, and negates signs of fatigue, resulting in a radiant, nourished complexion
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Strong face
$110.00 / 55min
Flawless facial shaping through sculptural massage, myostimulation, and a lifting mask application, effectively forming a clear facial oval and minimizing creases, swelling, wrinkles, and pore size
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The Buccal massage
$135.00 / 60min
Intensive workout focused on strengthening masticatory muscles, alleviating swelling, muscle spasms, laughter lines, and reducing double chin. It restores skin’s firmness, elasticity, and luminosity
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Extra lift
$125.00 / 60min
Experience a revival with our Extra Lift, ensuring an ideally sculpted oval face through manual modeling to correct age-related facial deformations and effective work with subcutaneous fat tissue
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3D lifting massage
$160.00 / 1h 15min
Introducing our express rejuvenation procedure, the 3D lifting massage, meticulously addressing four zones for an instant effect, resulting in a tightened face, clear oval, smoothed wrinkles, and a glowing complexion
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Super Man
$95.00 / 45min
Indulge in our “Super Man” massage, designed especially for men, entailing deep muscle work on the neck, shoulders, and face, offering a surge of energy and relief from fatigue while ensuring a visible lifting effect
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The Bearded man
$105.00 / 55min
Especially curated for men with beards, “The Bearded Man” combines deep muscle treatment with little device massage for an energy boost, fatigue relief, and a pronounced lifting effect
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Additional massage

Upperback and neck massage
$50.00 / 25min
Achieve deep treatment of the neck, shoulders, and upper back, alleviating muscle spasms and enhancing blood circulation to invigorate you and promote sound sleep
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Scalp massage
$15.00 / 10min
A soothing massage designed to alleviate headaches and fatigue while stimulating blood circulation and strengthening hair roots
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Blepharolift massage
$25.00 / 15min
A professional procedure dedicated to enhancing the eyes and eyelids, eradicating wrinkles, smoothing crow's feet, alleviating swelling and bruising, lifting eyebrows, opening your eyes, and mitigating fatigue and eye strain
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Myostimulation Pure lift
$25.00 / 10min
Innovative facial training using microcurrents to gently and effectively target the deepest facial muscles, actively contracting them, tightening the face's oval, toning the skin, and amplifying and prolonging the effect of manual massage
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Facial skin care
Bid farewell to skin woes with our skincare treatments that deliver a healthful, vibrant glow. We ensure your skin receives optimal cleansing, nourishment and hydration
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