Blepharolift massage

Blepharolift massage

25.00 / 15min
The manual Blepharolift procedure targets the area around the eyes, aiming to erase wrinkles, smooth crow's feet, alleviate swelling and bruising, lift the eyebrows, and open the eyes-offering a fantastic alternative to surgery! It also serves as a rehabilitative procedure post-surgical blepharoplasty and after laser vision correction, also relieving eye fatigue and strain, promoting skin relaxation, and refreshment.
When booking a service, please inform us in advance about any additional procedures you would like to add from those presented. We will allocate the necessary extra time to your primary program
To maximize the benefits, it is ideal to pair this with additional procedures
Addition to facial massage for those who need more attention to particular area
What’s included in the program
Eye massage
Forehead massage
other massage treatments
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