Scalp massage

Scalp massage

15.00 / 10min
This relaxing head massage is crafted for those struggling with headaches and poor circulation. It helps relieve headaches and fatigue, normalize blood pressure, and strengthen hair roots while combatting dandruff and seborrhea. Additionally, it fortifies hair follicles, stimulates hair growth, and prevents hair loss, positively influencing your overall emotional state. The massage aids relaxation, reduces stress, nervous tension, and anxiety, saturates the brain with oxygen, and elevates attentiveness levels.
When booking a service, please inform us in advance about any additional procedures you would like to add from those presented. We will allocate the necessary extra time to your primary program
To maximize the benefits, it is ideal to pair this with additional procedures
Facial massage
Upperback and neck massage
Hand massage
What’s included in the program
Head and ear massage
other massage treatments
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